a little more about anabell


current location
chicago, il

favorite word
petrichor, penumbra
can't pick just one

coffee or tea
matcha tea latte

alternate universe
x-men or harry potter

ideal weather
sunny and 70°F
rain, fog, and 60°F

preferred travel method
airplanes and trains

do you make your bed
every. damn. day.

favorite fruit
strawberries, oranges

sunset or sunrise

favorite exercise
jumping rope!

#1 movie
pride & prejudice (2005)
willy wonka (1971)

dream pet
a hyacinth macaw

2017 album of the year

favorite icecream
jeni's salted peanut butter
jeni's goat cheese & cherries

go-to drink
moscow mule

call or text
video call

anabells hand